Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hello World!

After thinking about starting a blog for a long time, here it is. The primary aim of this blog is to collate my thoughts in one place. It is also a way to train myself to put my thoughts and opinions into words effectively. My interests include (but not restricted to) general science, juggling work and motherhood, parenting, human rights and religion.

I am not sure whether anybody out there would be interested in anything I write. I am hoping that I will be challenged and criticized (constructively) on my thoughts and ideas, so that I can go away a little wiser. It's a bit scary to write about my thoughts for the world to see. But let's see how this progresses.

I hope this blog develops to be bilingual in Tamil and English, once I have figured out a bit more.


Thekkikattan|தெகா said...

looking forward to read your write ups... hurry up :-) !

and by the way please undo the word verification please, thanks!

Uma said...

ur profile seems interesting...u have not started writing...yet pl do

தருமி said...

I am not sure whether anybody out there would be interested in anything I write.//

I do!

கலகலப்ரியா said...

:).. shall be waiting..

Anonymous said...

Ok this is my criticism - whether constructive or destructive is for you to say.

Before posting, read again what you wrote. If it is in English, ensure the expressions are clear. If your intention is to reach English-knowing readers, only then write in English. If not, write in Tamil. What is your intention?

2. Dont be too egotistical visibly. That will annoy readers. All of us are narcissists to some extent. But there is a limit.

3. Dont pretend. To pretend will boomerang. You will hate yourself. Be plain, and dont feel ashmed of being plain.

4. Your profile is an example of pretensions. First sentence is evident of that. Why do you say, Not sure how to describe yourself and go on describing yourself.

5. Wearing too many hats - is not a strange thing to hear. It is quite common. What do you want from us who read the profile - sympathy?

Wife, daughter, scientist, mother, sister, feminist and an atheist. Ok. What is to be a 'humble' humanist? I have not seen an arrogant humanist! Pray tell us, who is a humanist? What are his or her characteristics?

Anti-sexist? Who is a sexist? You mean, gender bias?

Tamil for the cursed island of an Indian Ocean!

Pretension again? Which island do you refer to? New Zealand? Is it cursed? Srilanka? It is 'cursed'.

Racist? Casteist?

You boggle my mind!

To sum up:

Say things direct. Avoid vague generalisations. Be clear in your thoughts. Simplicity of expression and clarity of thoughts.

And then, your ideas, however much outrageous or unacceptable to many, will definitely be read and pondered over.

Good luck.